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Welcome to Tufts Black Students in Computer Science

Collaborate. Build. Celebrate.

BSCS is dedicated to fostering a sense of community for Black students who are studying computer science and related concentrations such as data science, computer engineering, and cognitive and brain sciences. Representing one of Tufts' most underrepresented groups in CS, BSCS exists to provide professional development, technical skills, solidarity, and equitable opportunity for all students among the African diaspora. BSCS provides a welcoming, collaborative space for students to connect and form meaningful relationships while also growing as future leaders in the tech industry.


Faculty advisor: Kathleen Fisher

Our Story

Founded in 2019, Tufts Black Students in Computer Science (BSCS) was created by a group of sophomore students at Halligan Hall with the mission of supporting students in tech from all areas of the African diaspora. Despite the 4% undergraduate population of Black students at Tufts, this group of young, talented visionaries came together to increase and retain the number of Black/Brown students studying computer science and related concentrations. In addition to the support of the Tufts CS department, BSCS provides students with unparalleled, dedicated programming and services. At Tufts BSCS, we believe that an encouraging, unified community with a technological edge can lead underrepresented students towards a successful future.

Founders (alphabetically sorted):

  • Omar Badr

  • Fabrice Bigabiro

  • Hezekiah Branch

  • Aminata Dieng*

  • Rhys Gilkenson

  • Keisha Mukasa

  • Jheanelle Owens

  • Mathew Peña

  • Ray Rivers*

  • Kiara Rose

  • Kingsley Udoyi

*inauguaral executives of BSCS

Tufts Department of  Computer Science

"The Department of Computer Science at Tufts University provides an open, friendly, diverse, and collaborative atmosphere in which to study computer science. Students personalize their path of study and regularly access professors both in small classes and out of class. With a long history of interdisciplinary learning and research collaboration, the Department of Computer Science brings together faculty, students, alumni, staff, and guests from across the field and beyond.

Tufts computer science faculty members are recognized leaders in their fields and are pioneering innovative research. Students stay on the leading edge of computer science throughout their degree program, because Tufts CS courses are continually revised and updated."

- About, Tufts CS

"You have to create your own path and I'm up to the challenge."

Octavia Spencer

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